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  • Melphalan
    1 Drug classified under this active ingredient

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    Alkylating Agent. Melphalan 2 mg, 50 mg/vial.
    fetotal of 150-200 mg. Child: Not more
    than 0.06 mg/kg bdy. wt. dly.
    Multiple myeloma, seminoma of testes
    and other malign. conds.
    AMPS: 1.8 ml of acid alcohol solv., 9 ml
    of diluent x 100 mg. (Hosp. only). I.V: 1
    mg/kg bdy. wt. repeat. in 8 wks.
    accord. to response.
    Reg. perfus. for malign. melanoma and
    other malign.
    C/I: Neutrophil count of less than 1,500/
    ml, concurrent radio or chemotherapy,
    low platelet count.