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  • Cetuximab
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    partial basket chart

    EGFR Inhibitor, Monoclonal Antibody. Cetuximab 5 mg/ml.
    VIAL (I.V. infus.): 10 ml, 20 ml, 50 ml, 100
    ml. Initial: 400 mg/m2, foll. by 1 x wkly
    dose: 250 mg/m2.
    Dosage must be individ. adjust.
    according to pt. med. cond.
    Tmt. of pts. with (EGFR)-expressing, RAS
    wild-type metast. colorectal canc. incomb.
    with irinotecan-based chemot., in 1st -line
    in comb. with FOLFOX, as a single agent
    in pts. who have failed oxaliplatinand
    irinotecan- based ther. and whoare
    intoler. to irinotecan. Tmt. of pts. With
    squamous cell canc. of the head and neck
    (SCCHN), in comb. with rad. ther.forlocal.
    advanced dis., in comb. With platinumbased
    chemo. for recur. and/or metast.
    dis., as a single agent after fail. of
    platinum-based chemo. for recur.and/or
    metast. dis.
    C/I: Severe hypersens, The comb. With
    oxaliplatin-cont. chemot. is contraindic.
    for pts. with mutant RAS metast.
    colorectal canc. (mCRC) or for whom
    RAS mCRC status is unknown.
    Contraind. for concom. used chemot.
    agents or rad. therapy must be
    considered before init. of comb. tmt.